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Changes in 2020

Well, here we are 2020!

Not sure what it’s about when we near the end of January the fingers start to twitch, days are getting longer and the urge to get going in the garden is getting stronger.

Birds are singing and starting to pair off ready for the frantic rush of rearing babies again.

Some of you are getting the same twitchy feeling as we have had many enquiries for gardening already.

We are starting a new venture with the launch of a mail order herb service at the end of February 2020.

We are passionate about herbs and have been growing them for years.  There is so much going for them scent, health, taste, flavour, and colour.  Butterflies and bees flock to them to gather nectar.

I remember one lovely warm sunny day last August watching a host of butterflies and bees playing on a pot of Oregano and Buddleia Mint, fab!

We are launching this site at the end of February and throughout the season will be having a monthly newsletter featuring a herb of the month with a recipe to coincide with that herb

We would love it if you would sign up for this and give feedback.

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